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We want to be your partner in your recovery journey. We all know that recovery is not a "one size fits all" endeavor. Every patient's journey is as unique as their story about how they began using in the first place. We want to be there for all of your recovery needs. 

To achieve our goal, we have designed our clinic to be your "one stop shop" to give you the tools you need to succeed in your journey. Our medical professionals are trained in the most cutting edge recommendations from the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Our mental health professionals are certified in substance abuse counseling. We also provide lab testing and peer support on site, in our comfortable and welcoming office setting. The primary concern is always you and your well-being.


We hope that you consider honoring us with being your recovery partner. Feel free to subscribe to our updates below and contact us if you have any questions! 



We are NOT a methadone clinic.

Most clinics are restricted in their practice because they use methadone. We do not, and therefore can provide innovative, specialized care that meets your needs.

We provide all services on site.

We have worked hard to ensure that all your needs are available at one place so you can fully engage in the recovery process without having to plan multiple appointments at different locations.

We are physician-owned and managed.

Too many clinics in Wisconsin are owned by non-medical investors whose primary focus is making money. Our focus is always on you and your recovery process because we are doctors.

We listen to you and your needs.

Our model is and will always be focused on meeting your needs. We want to hear your constant feedback to learn all the ways that we can help you on your path to recovery.

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